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Mrs. Lorraine Badley was born in London, England on November 26, 1956 to Jamaican parents Leila Sheriff and Ivan Morrison. She has lived in Jamaica from 1960 – 1969 and later moved to the United States of America. She has remained in the US since then and attended William Howard Taft High School. She went on to earn an Associate degree in executive secretarial business management science at Monroe Business College.

She married Michael Badley 1983 in Toronto, Canada and they have five sons:  Ryan, Rodney, Richard, Brandon and Andrew. She attended St. James Episcopal in New York and worked for Bank of New York on Wall Street.

  In 1988, she moved to Delaware and attended Immanuel Episcopal Church in Old New Castle, Delaware. From 1990 – 2004, she worked for Chase Manhattan Bank in Customer Service, Correspondence and Operation Administration. She implemented a diversity program for employees to create a better workplace. Event planner for Bank functions with upper management and president. Advocated for programs promoting respect in the workplace. From 1995 – 2002, she volunteered with Junior Achievement and received awards for her extensive length of service. She worked with junior high school children to teach them how to balance a checking account, credit cards and interest rates, table manners, etc. She received awards from Chase for her efforts and was nominated for Outstanding Black Achiever for 8 years.

  As Leadership Chair, Mrs. Badley lobbied in Washington D.C. for Delaware property taxes for the federal government to give money to schools every 4 years. In 1993, President Clinton signed it into law under the Parent Teachers Association.

  Mrs. Badley has written letters annually to United States Senators for thoughtfulness towards Jamaicans, as they consider foreign aid in January.

  Mrs. Badley was voted in by the Democratic Party 2012 as a Delegate for President Obama and attended the 2012 Democratic convention.

  Mrs. Badley joined the diaspora in 2010. She has been involved with NAJASO. In 2011, she was involved with a Medical Mission “Help Jamaica”, along with her cousin, Dr. Rudolph Willis and created signs and posters to inspire others to help by taking supplies to schools in Kingston. She helped in the Enfield clinic in St. Mary with supplies. In November of this year, they will be donating a refrigerator for Medicine.

  Mrs. Badley has also designed a poster and bookmark for Jamaica, which are meant to inspire Jamaicans called ICAN, inspired by Prime Minister Simpson-Miller.

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